Saturday, December 10, 2011


We made some soap using a base.  I love the oatmeal glycerin soap base, we have tried others and we don't like them. We melt the base  saop and add the fragrances that we want.  It is fun to try different soaps. We have made ones that smell like blueberry, popcorn and fresh cut grass. This year we are making a batch of Lily of the Valley, Apple pie, and we also made an experimental batch with Sage and Cinnamon and Rosemary. Try something new right. I created our own mold because I can make whatever shape I want. I saw a candy making television show once and it used corn starch as the mold for the hot liquid candy. When it cools you just scoop it out.  I used this idea for the hot soap and it worked. So that is my mold, a pan of corn starch. I just press the shape in the corn starch. I enjoy this it really is a calming time for me.

This is how the soap comes. We cut out what we want to melt.

This is the corn starch mold. I use a pestle to make the shape that I want. You can use a toy or any other shape that you want using this process.

I named the soap and printed labels, wrapped them in cut up paper bags and tied them with raffia. The one in the front is unwrapped.  We like to keep the natural color but you can add color and any fragrance that you want.  It is so fun and make great gifts.

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