Science Experiments

We love science, which includes science experiments, and nature. Exploring outside creates endless opportunities to learn.  We are inspired by Charlotte Mason and Nature Study.

 Making Milk Move
A simple science experiment is making milk move.  Supplies needed are milk of course, a small saucer for each person, food coloring, Q-tips and dish soap.

Put some milk in the saucer then put a few drops of food coloring in the center.  Dip the Q-tips in the dish washing liquid and touch the food coloring with it.

The process is that the soap breaks up the fat in the milk, usually you wouldn't see it but that is why the food coloring was added.


  1. What a fun and simple experiment. Thanks for sharing it on Monday Madness.

  2. Thank you Brooke. It really is a great experiment for a group of children and inexpensive.