We are a homeschooling family, we try to have fun and learn in whatever we are doing.  It helps our family to learn in lots of different ways, sitting down at a desk with textbooks is not comfortable for us.  CG and SA love learning outside, at the chalkboard, in the kitchen, really anywhere,  At their desk....not so much.

We use a Charlotte Mason style of Language Arts with lots of reading and writing. We use lots of field guides and other reference books for Nature Study. A great online site is The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project.  I really enjoy Clara Dillingham Pierson's  Among the people series.  It seems that L/A Science and Art kind of all mesh together in our house.

For geography we really liked the post card swap. SA and CG enjoyed reading all the facts about each US State and of course were excited to get the mail. We did our family tree as a beginning to learning about timelines. Later this year we are going to study the layers of the Grand Canyon, it seems so fascinating. We are also going to make our own map.  In History we are learning about inventions, historic places and famous people.  

We started using Math Mammoth with both CG and SA when we started homeschooling. I highly recommend it. My children bring the math worktext to bed, they like to do extra work before they go to sleep. My son SA is in first grade technically and is working through the second half of third grade.  The way these books are written is exactly how children think. This curriculum is structured in a way that helps children learn more easily. Maria Miller has done a wonderful job at creating a Math Curriculum that is great for parents and children.  I encourage you to look at the site and her videos. 
Also for math the kids found a great site called Hooda Math.

We are a Science family. Everyday we are learning about things around us like animals, insects, weather, our body, health, etc. We also love doing science experiments. Nature Study is a huge part of our curicullum. Please check out our Nature Study Linky.