About us

 This was taken at StoryLand. They are really good at dramatic facial expressions.

C.G. is 8 years old, she loves reading and art. She is compassionate about animals and would like to become a veterinarian. She also enjoys cooking, music, dancing, and insects. 

S.A. is 6 years old, his interests includes math, puzzles and reading. He is extremely funny, loves goofing off, and enjoys swimming, board games, and finger knitting.

 I am a stay-at-home Mom, a naturalist and a lover of anything handmade. I can get very excited when I find a new use for something. As a family we enjoy gardening, reading, and cooking. My husband and I home school our two children. We believe that children learn by exploring and creating in a naturally positive environment. This is a place to document and keep track of how much fun we are having while we learn.