Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What we have been doing.

We have been so busy.... and my computer is broken. I am able to use my old one. It has no memeory and is very slow.  This Spring has been busy and is only getting busier. The kids are starting their first sport. They really wanted to try baseball. We aslso have watercolor classes with a local artist, our writing group is going werll, and spring planting has started. The school year is still going well and we continue right through summer.

Oh Yeah, chickens. We have made a chicken brooder and Adventure Academy Dad will be making a chicken coop. We will recieve our chickens in May so we want to be prepared. Buff Orpingtons are what we chose after much research online. We also ordered one Swedish duck and one Indian Runner duck.  Backyard Chickens  is sooooooo helpful.  We visited a friend and held some baby chicks, they are so sweet. We are very excited to start this new adventure. We are going to measure them each week to see how fast they grow. I see tons of learing heading our way!

Garden     Last year my sister gave me a rhubarb plant and it didn't make it. So I thought....this year it is coming up. I was so excited to see it. So far we have planted peas, carrots and radishes. Our garden planting continues.

Thank You To Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts for the beautiful door that we received in the mail. What a wonderful artist!


  1. Online things really got away from me this Spring, too, but I am figuring that is okay. :)

    Yay for chickens and ducks! We love our chickens so much, and I loving how running ducks look, they just look like bowling pins to me, hehe.

    Backyard Chickens was more helpful to me when we started than any other resource. May I ask what your handle is there? Mine is a bit obvious. ;)

    Rhubarb is super hardy! I can't believe how big ours is already this year.

    1. I think they look like bowling pins too. A friend said he thought they were always just looking for something hahaha. orpingtonfriend ;) I tried to look for your e-mail but I don't have it.

  2. Chickens! LOL We just had a new, larger coop built...and spent the other week building a new, larger run and repurposing the old, smaller coop for our flock. We have 7 hens (that we incubated from eggs last May and June) and last month brought home 2 9-month-old Pekin ducks. (The ducks lay well!) We get so much enjoyment from them!

    We have peas planted outside, but our pumpkin, goblin gourds and cucumbers are in mini greenhouses in the sun room for now. We still need to rototill the new garden area! Next weekend? LOL