Friday, April 27, 2012

No pictures

I have been wanting to post. I cannot post pictures because it says my browser is not supported. I have a really outdated laptop and cannot change my browser, so I am hoping this works.

We have been updating our garden, and deciding what we would like this year. Doing a few things differently. We pulled out the dandelion roots and roasted them to make coffee/tea.  We also built the chicken brooder. I learned that Borage self seeds everywhere so I should have no problems with the tomato worms.

We heard about a science experiment using two of the same plants and watering them with two differents waters. One boiled water on the stove and one boiled water from the microwave. Let the water cool and water the plants. We are going to see if the plants grow the same. mmmm We will also be measuring our chicks to see how fast they grow.

We continue schooling until the end of July usually, so we will be very busy. Most of our learning is done outside.  Have fun!!!  ( I am hopefully getting a new computer soon!!!)

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  1. Good to hear you are all keeping well and busy. Hope you can get that new computer soon!

    And sounds like you have some really interesting activities going on. Is your dandelion tea nice?