Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Fairy Gardens

SA Fairy garden

CG fairy garden

Today we saw a post my The Magic Onions and decided to enter the Fairy Garden contest.   This was new to us but we did the best that we could.  First we had to find a container, then some moss, items to include were than added. SA and CG were very happy with how they turned out.  We know the fairies will be happy.


  1. Did the fairies come in the night? Oh, how delightfully sweet your fairy gardens are... I just love that they are homes for the cow can goat - how cute. And... there's no doubt that your second garden is a sanctuary for a fairy queen... with all of those pink flowers. Please let your little ones know that Kitty, Teddy and I have loved looking at their gardens this morning.
    Blessings and magic,

  2. Your family did such a nice job making the 2 fairy gardens. I sure like the idea of the pine cone one in the Western Themed garden and of course all the pink trims on the other one! The barrel makes a nice stand for the gardens and I bet it is a perfect height for the kids to play in their little gardens.