Thursday, July 28, 2011

CG Is finally getting to ride a horse

This week has been exciting.  The garden is growing great. It is starting to look like a jungle out there.  The kids have been swimming, picking blueberries and raspberries, and enjoying nature.  The kids saw a very cool sand sculpture at the beach.  They both want to start school. With a schedule, they really do prefer the routine of it. Next year our "school year" will be timed differently, so they can enjoy the whole year in rhythm.   CG has started horse back riding lessons. She was so excited, the smile did not come off her face. She even wrote her self an appointment card earlier in the week. I am so happy for her.  She has read many books this year about horses.  She did a lapbook on horses. We visited the Humane Society to see and learn about the horses there and she visited a friends farm with horses. She felt ready. Now SA would like to try it as well, so he will start tomorrow.

CG brushing Harry

Walking Harry

Sand sculpture we found.

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