Saturday, January 28, 2012


 We went into the woods looking for some empty bird nests. We found a few that were covered with snow but we couldn't get close enough for pictures. It was nice to find them because we are never able to find them during the summer.  While out for our walk we found some Virginia Creeper. We usually see this creeping into our raspberry plants in the spring.

We also spotted some Woodpecker holes in a dead tree. We have often seen a Pileated Woodpecker and heard it's laughter out here. We wondered if this is where it has been feeding.

The Virginia Creeper has been around our yard since we bought our house. At first we thought it was Poison Ivy. As seen in the picture below it has grown around a tree.

This may be the mother plant (I call it that anyway).  It was so large. As you can see this vine becomes woody. It is a very fast growing vine and has five leaves during the summer. The vines just keep wrapping around anything. It is often considered to be a problem plant.  I can imagine a small  structure, with Virginia Creeper planted all around it. As time goes by and it grows the leaves and wood fill in the structure and create a wonderful play place.  I see a future project!

I found this link for further information

I would like to hear about what others find in nature. Exploring, learning,  anything that is nature related.  What kind of bug, flower, animal, bird have you seen. What are you studying for weather etc.

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  1. I doubt our climate will differ too much from you, but I'm happy to share. We are outside of Boston.

    1. Great post thank you. Strange weather this year for us.

  2. Very cool pics. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  3. I'd have to think what we have that is different......... I'm sure there's lots mainly because we don't have any snow, or this thing I've heard of called winter to speak of.

  4. Thanks for inviting me to link up. Slightly different weather here at the moment!!

  5. Thanks so much for asking me to link up :)

  6. Thank you for the hosting!!I love sharing....

  7. What a wonderful place you have to explore. I would love to do this. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.