Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frugal Homeschooling Life

My husband and I are raising our children in a way that we believe will help them to be happy with their financial choices. We want them to be smart with money and not wasteful.

We don't hide our finances. We explain where and how money is earned and where it is spent. CG and SA save 1/3 of the money they earn or are given. We of course have had to have conversations about why we don't have cable or cell phones. Over all I think they understand.

The grocery store is a big deal for our family. We go with a list, that we create by looking through store circulars. CG and SA help find the items in the store. We discovered couponing this year. All of us are surprised at how easy it is and how much we save.

CG cutting coupons

Homeschooling makes learning so fun, last year for Geography we did a post card swap across America. It was very inexpensive and twice a week when they got postcards in the mail their faces lit right up. 

Lessons can be fun and inexpensive. Gardening, composting, nature study, reading, all these are frugal homeschooling lessons. Shopping at thrift stores, using coupons and saving money are also great lessons for children to learn.

Pheasant and Opossum tracks, did they cross paths or were they hanging out together?

We are enjoying our frugal homeschool life.