Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So we are into April. 
S.A. has created his own Math program.  It teaches skip counting by tens, fives and twentys.  Adding over tens, hundreds, and thousands and place values to thousands. It also incorporates gym class.  He continues with Math Mammoth, but adds this as extra math.  It's actually really good and I could picture it working in a kindergarten class.
C.G. has learned the hula-hoop quite well, she is also starting a new cooking class.  We now have a new kitty, its name is Mittens.  It was a stray that we saved from the street life.  It has to stay away from our other pets right now until it feels better. (Upper respiratory infection)  It is very friendly. 
School is great, the kids have learned alot this year. It goes by so quick!!!
Upcomong events are finishing our raised beds and getting all these seedlings out of the house.  Kids cake auction at the library.  Kids nature study walks starting after mud season.  Most important getting the portfolio's put together for review.  No pictures today, I have been to busy.

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